Unlock the mysteries to Bible prophecy in this exciting 8-week seminar!

Learn answers to questions like:

∙ Who or what is the antichrist?

∙ What role does the nation of Israel play in the future?

∙ When will Armageddon occur?

∙ Is God causing all this devastation?

∙ Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?

∙ Is prophecy still being fulfilled today?

∙ And more!

When: Monday, 7:00 PM, beginning October 29th

Where: The Comfort Suites in Hartville,
953 Edison St NW, Hartville, OH 44632

What you will learn about:

Great catastrophes appear to be on the rise, with no region in the world exempt. Between famine and disease, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and tsunamis, we see so much death and destruction all over the world.  The suffering of so many is always in front of our eyes.

Over the last twenty years, escalating wars, terror and violence have produced more and more fear, hatred, and bloodshed. We are often left questioning — where it is all heading!

If you believe in God, you may be asking

  • Why does God allow such things to
  • Why does the world continue to go on
    this way?
  • What is God doing with the earth?
  • Does God have a plan behind the events that are taking place?

God indeed does have a plan for the earth and mankind!

God’s overall plan and purpose is detailed for mankind in His word, the Bible. Much of what is written in the Bible is  considered Bible prophecy. In fact, some two thirds of the Bible has to do with events that were still future at the time it was written.  Many of those events are yet to come, with some happening right before our eyes!

If you are interested in discovering the keys to Bible prophecy and learning what God’s plan and purpose is with mankind and the earth, then we invite you to attend an
exciting 8-week seminar on the topic, “The Fundamentals of Bible Prophecy.”

In this seminar, you will learn the fundamental principles associated with Bible prophecy and become equipped with the keys to unlock the Scriptures for yourself. Faith can be increased, and comfort derived from an appreciation of what God has promised!  When we see the things God has promised come to pass exactly as He said, then we can be confident that those things yet future will also come to pass.


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