Ecclesial Announcements: Week of August 30th – September 5th

General Announcements:
1. Signups for the upcoming study weekend are on the table in the foyer.
2. We received the advertisement for the 2015 Ontario Winter Bible School, December 26th – January 1st. Details will be posted on the bulletin board.

Week of August 30th – September 5th
Hall Cleaning: Team 2 (Bro. Chris & Sis. Rebecca, Sis. Nancy, Sis. Kathy)
Presider: Bro. Chris
Piano: Bro. Jarred

Sunday, August 30th:
Exhorter: Bro. Everett
1st Reader: Bro. Mike Cooper
2nd Reader: Bro. Don
Doorkeeper: Bro. Mike Cooper
Nursery: Sis. Brenda

Wednesday, September 2nd:
Lead: Bro. Sam
Topic: Parables of the Patriarchs
Children: Sis. Carolyn
Explorers: Sis. Amy

Friday, September 4th:
AB Meeting: 7pm @ the Hall

Month of August:
Table Service: Sis. Kathy
Cards: Sis. Amanda
Meals: Sis. Kelly
Kids’ Notes: Sis. Jennifer

Month of September:
Table Service: Sis. Martha
Cards: Sis. Annalee
Meals: Sis. Nancy
Kids’ Notes: Sis. Becky