One Night Seminar – World Destiny & You

For most of recorded history, people have been fascinated and even obsessed with the future. We’re powerless to reach forward into tomorrow — let alone next week, next month, or next year — but that hasn’t stopped us from trying.The future matters so much to us because we expect to be there! We want to be prepared for whatever it holds — for ourselves and our children.

The Bible tells us that the ultimate future of the world is bright with promise — and GOD wants us to be there. It’s a future that’s open to anyone willing to search out, understand, and submit to the will of GOD.

Please join us for this thought-provoking one-night seminar concerning GOD’s plan for the future as revealed in the Bible. We’ll consider how His plan affects our lives right now and our future.

Download: Flyer

When: February 21 (7:00pm – 8:00pm)
Where: Foltz Center (224 North Wood St., East Canton, OH)

No registration is needed. Refreshments will be provided for you to enjoy.

If you have questions please email us using the form on the bottom-right of this page, or call us at 330-875-4200.

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