Paris Avenue Christadelphian Ecclesia Study Weekend Classes

View the audio and video from past study weekend held at the Paris Ave ecclesia.

2021 Fall Study Weekend

Fellowcitizens with the Saints and of the Household of God
With Bro. Steve Smith of the Granite State Ecclesia, NH
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2019 Fall Study Weekend

A Tale of Two Cities -The Epistles to Corinth
Bro. Joseph Palmer
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2018 Fall Study Weekend

Who Shall Ascend the Hill of Yahweh?
Bro. David Billington
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2017 Fall Study Weekend

The Garden of the Lord
Bro. Dan Osborn
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2015 Fall Study Weekend

“Surviving Perilous Times”
Bro. Jonathan Bowen
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2014 Spring Study Weekend Class Schedule

Bro. Ken Styles Audio Video PowerPoint
Study 1 - "The Love of the Father" MP3
Study 2 - "The Love of the Son" MP3
Study 3 - "The Wisdom of Godly Love" MP3
Study 4 - "The Power of Godly Love" MP3
Study 5 - "A More Excellent Way" MP3
2013 Fall Study Weekend Class Schedule
Bro. Stan Isbell Audio Video PowerPoint
Study 1 - "In the Visions of God" MP3 PPTX
Study 2 - "Thy Gates Shall Be Opened" MP3 PPTX
Study 3 - "Porches, Posts, Pillars, and Palms" MP3 PPTX
Study 4 - "The Priesthood, God's Glory and Alter" MP3 PPTX
Study 5 - "Corner Towers and Rivers of Healing" MP3 PPTX
"Hiking the Hills of the Holy Land" MP3 PPTX
2013 Spring Study Weekend Class schedule
Bro. Jim Cowie Audio Video PowerPoint
"David and Jonathan" MP3
"Signs of the Times" MP3
"The Atonement in the Lives of Jacob and Esau" MP3
Study 1 - "The Challenge of Sustaining our First Love" MP3 PPTX
Study 2 - "The Challenge of Holding Fast the Name" MP3 PPTX
Study 3 - "The Challenge of Remaining Stedfast Till the End" MP3 PPTX
Study 4 - "The Challenge of Keeping Our Garments White" MP3 PPTX
Study 5 - "The Challenge of Prosperity and Peace" MP3 PPTX
2012 Fall Study Weekend Class schedule

2012 Fall Study Day: “The Return of Christ”

Bro. Matt Norton – Lismore, Australia Ecclesia